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Revell proposes an important paradox — a war of love. To shift the tides of manipulative media, self-surveillance, and western-conformist Olympics; the micro-activism of guerrilla propaganda must become a tidal wave of tolerance — an empathetic revolution. 


This series highlights the hypernormalized state of unrest that has become a condition of contemporary life. Generations born into a global climate characterized by conflict, extraction, and extinction have been denied the simple romantic ideas — potential, hope, and distant futures. 


This series responds to this shift within post-modernity, from a rejection of art historical traditions to an all-out assault on colonialism, and white-narratives of Otherness. Jacques Lacan describes “The Big Other” as the pervasive myth that maintains the status quo, an opiate of the masses, a divider of power, and a destroyer of intellectual agency. Revell’s work pushes the viewer to question their beliefs about the hidden Big Other in their ideology. 

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