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Seeds of Solidarity

Seeds of Solidarity


Hand-made ceramic


Art Object and functional vase


10% of the profit on all sales will go to PaliRoots and MECA (Middle East Children’s Alliance), working to protect rights and improve the lives of children in Palestine and Syrian refugees. 100% of your donation will go towards medical care and essential supplies to displaced families. 

  • Love Threats

    Revell proposes an important paradox — a war of love. To shift the tides of manipulative media, self-surveillance, and western-conformist Olympics; the micro-activism of guerrilla propaganda must become a tidal wave of tolerance — an empathetic revolution.



    This series highlights the hypernormalized state of unrest that has become a condition of contemporary life. Generations born into a global climate characterized by conflict, extraction, and extinction have been denied the simple romantic ideas — potential, hope, and distant futures.



    This series responds to this shift within post-modernity, from a rejection of art historical traditions to an all-out assault on colonialism, and white-narratives of Otherness. Jacques Lacan describes “The Big Other” as the pervasive myth that maintains the status quo, an opiate of the masses, a divider of power, and a destroyer of intellectual agency. Revell’s work pushes the viewer to question their beliefs about the hidden Big Other in their ideology.

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