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Born amidst the cultural intersection of the East and the West, Mika Revell's artistry exudes an ironic luminosity. In her latest exhibit, "Ebullient Explosives: The Powerless Arsenal," she shatters the illusion of security, weaving a sardonic commentary on global entanglements.

Her sculptures, paradoxically benign and menacing, depict an arsenal of non-functional weapons. Resembling bombs and explosives, these hand-crafted objects seem set to detonate yet are as harmless as a newborn kitten. A tongue-in-cheek commentary on fear and war, the collection accentuates the absurdity of our conflicted, volatile world.

The raw materials used in Revell's work—manufacturing detritus sourced from the global supply chain—further tease the irony of these explosive simulacra. Constructed from the very components that fuel international trade, the sculptures critique the world economy's destructive potential. They threaten and promise, yet deliver nothing, mimicking the empty promises of a globally integrated market.

Simultaneously, Revell's sculptures echo the diaspora narrative, subtly embodying the dislocated lives of migrants around the world. Each non-weapon, though modeled after a symbol of destruction, paradoxically represents the survival and resistance of displaced communities—fragments relocated, assembled into a form both alien and familiar.

"Ebullient Explosives: The Powerless Arsenal" is a paradox, just like the world it reflects: an exhibition that at once evokes dread and amusement, grief and joy. Through her sculptures, Mika Revell encapsulates the ambiguity of a globalized society at war and peace, wrapped in fear and propelled by hope. The artwork's irony is as explosive as the sculptures it presents—boldly dormant, powerfully silent.


2023 - Masters in Clinical Psychology, Pepperdine University, Los Angeles

2009 - Masters in Fine Art, Central Saint Martin’s University of the Arts, London

2007 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles



Angels Stadium x Bulleit Bourbon - 2023

Angels Stadium x Don Julio, Anaheim - 2022

Superbowl LVI x Johnny Walker, SoFi Stadium, Inglewood - 2021

Johnny Walker x Head in the Clouds, Rose Bowl, Los Angeles, 2021

Black Lives Matter Mural x LifeKit LA - Koreatown - 2020

Architecture + Design Museum, Los Angeles - 2019 



Power | Play - JAX DISTRICT, Riyadh, 2022

Unnatural Disasters - LA Art Show, 2017

Proximity - Nishikicho Gallery, Tokyo, 2015


MMA - Helms Design Center, LA, 2019

Spectrum Gestalt, Bergamot Station, LA, 2017

Portrait, CICA Museum, Korea, 2017



Muhanned Shono | 2020 - Present

Venice, Biennale 2022, Art Basel 2022, Baden Baden 2022, Noor Riyahd Festival, 2022 

Charles Avery | 2008-2009

Hayward Gallery, London.

Lita Albuquerque | 2007-2008

Stellar Axis Project, Antarctica.

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