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Mika Revell, a multi-media artist hailing from Australia and based in Berlin. Her latest artwork delves into the intriguing relationship between symbols of power and commodified objects of desire, exploring the tensions that arise between them. Revell's artwork deftly contrasts the ominous and the alluring, weaponizing pink polished chrome and latex finishes to create a surreal and dark hyperreality.


At the heart of her artwork is the exploration of how power and commodification shape our desires and how these forbidden fascinations are often blurred. Her artistry fuses seemingly oppositional concepts, creating fetishized objects such as handbags, and sex toys, with a hint of post-feminist, military-industrial satire.


Revell delves into the complexities of power and control, examining how they can be created, sold, kept, and destroyed. Her art probes the transformations and transfers of power, transcending mere physicality and possession, questioning who possesses control and holds influence.


Drawing from historical references such as medieval armor and weaponry, Revell explores how these structures have evolved. Once a means of protection, the cellular structures of snakes, fish, and animals, are now a symbol of future warfare. Her artwork examines how these repetitive shapes and structures can function democratically, forming a single barrier, yet taking on a sinister role in the future of tech and defense.


At the intersection of beautiful objects, fetishized brands, commodities, and wealth, Revell probes our fascination with power, war, and weapons. Her art explores the futility of life, shame, fear, and the role of art in disarming man. The artist's exploration of subverting images of weapons and war in her unnatural disaster series highlights the intersection of ideas and the potency of her artistic expression.


Mika Revell Studio

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Curriculum Vitae


Mika Revell is an Asian-American artist, a traditionally trained painter, and muralist. She creates original street art and artworks in collaboration with local businesses and commercial clients. Mika spearheads her certified women and minority-owned business in LA. Providing space that encourages connection and creativity with community members is pivotal during this time of restoration. Mika believes the role of public art is to facilitate cultural shifts through engagement and activation.




2023 - Masters of Clinical Psychology, Pepperdine University, Los Angeles 

2009 - Masters of Fine Art, Central Saint Martin’s University of the Arts, London 

2007 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles




Bulleit Bourbon x Angels Stadium, Anaheim - 2023

Don Julio x Angels Stadium, Anaheim - 2022

Superbowl LVI x Johnny Walker, SoFi Stadium, Inglewood - 2021 

Johnny Walker x Head in the Clouds, Rose Bowl, Los Angeles, 2021 

Black Lives Matter x LifeKit LA - Koreatown - 2020 

Architecture + Design Museum, Los Angeles - 2019

Anomaly Design Studios, Manhattan - 2019



Power | Play - Studio Shono, Riyadh, 2022

Unnatural Disasters - LA Art Show, 2017

Proximity - Nishikicho Gallery, Tokyo, 2015



MMA - Helms Design Center, LA, 2019

Spectrum Gestalt, Bergamot Station, LA,

2017 Portrait, CICA Museum, Korea, 2017


Muhanned Shono | 2020 - Present

Venice, Biennale 2022, 

Art Basel 2022, 

Baden Baden 2022, 

Noor Riyahd Festival, 2022


Charles Avery | 2008-2009 

Hayward Gallery, London.


Lita Albuquerque | 2007-2008

Stellar Axis Project, Antarctica.

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